Flow Anytime, Anywhere

Choose from any class type, and any teacher you'd like! All you have to do is roll out your mat, shut up, and flow!

Y2 Catagories

Y2 Single Shots This class features our signature Y2 style flow that incorporates 14 standard postures in the standing series. Class starts with a warm up before moving into the standing series, core work, backbends, inversions and floor work. The standing series repeats one time through which allows for more time to strengthen the body and focus the mind. No two classes ever feel the same, and we keep you on your toes thanks to each teacher’s unique style of pose transitions, modifications and additions. Y2 Double Shots Kick it up a notch with this fast-pace flow. We double up the standing series to give you a chance to tackle every pose twice, adding in modifications or variations as is appropriate for your own personal practice. This class is designed to push the cardiovascular system so you feel the burn! We harness the power of the breath to slow you down but fire your practice up. Expect to move with your breath, crank out some core work, and settle into a hard-earned Savasana at the end! Y2 Quickies In need of a quickie? No worries... or foreplay! Move through a shortened warm up, and flow straight into the standing series, followed by floor work, and stretching at the end. Y2 LSD (Long, Slow, Deep) *Coming Soon* This class is a trip. This deep-stretch, restorative class is appropriate for all levels. You'll start with a gentle 10-15 minute vinyasa flow to warm the body up before coming to the floor to explore the depths of the body's flexibility with long (3-5 minute) holds for each pose. Y2 Strength *Coming Soon* Strength and flexibility go hand-inland and it's important to have both to live you happiest, healthiest life. We are going to utilize body-weight exercises (you can use weights if you have them) for a total body strength training workout! Note - this is not a yoga fusion class... strength only!

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"I don't know how I'd survive quarantine without these videos! Thank you Y2!"

"I always get the absolute best full body workout. My a** is kicked and yet I walk away feeling more grounded and a better version of myself unlike other fitness regimens where I only come out feeling like a deflated balloon."

"Y2 is so special :) there is nothing else like it..... Thank you Tanner and all of the AMAZING teachers.... you are all amazing and that's what keeps us coming back for more!"